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About me
Former Head of Department (Science)
Former Head of Physics

Former Hwa Chong JC student
Teacher Trainer and Mentor

Science Working Committee (Member, 2007)
SPA Assessor and Moderator
Project Work Assessor and Moderator
Nominated Most Caring Teacher Award (2007, 2008)
Outstanding Contribution Award (2007)
18 years teaching 'A' Level
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons, NUS)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) (Merit, NTU)

National Junior College (Senior High)
Dunman High school (Senior High)
Serangoon Junior College

Author of H2 Physics notes
Author of Solutions to GCE H2/H1 Physics

Mr Daniel Yeo
HP : 97571205 Email:

What does a cat got to do with Physics?

Small Group Tuition and 1-1 Coaching:

  • Will make sure you are very clear about the fundamentals. Give you ample practice to make sure you have understood and are confident to apply the concepts!
  • Will provide you concise notes, summary of important concepts and worksheets to help speed up your learning curve!
  • Will share with you my written solution to past year Cambridge papers, carefully written with feedback from Cambridge examiners! (This is not available in the bookshops).
  • Will share with you what Cambridge examiners are looking for and how you could present your answers effectively
  • Will share with you what to focus on for the whole syllabus!
  • Will teach you Planning (5% SPA) and share with you resources to do this section well.
  •  Will provide you the mental support/encouragement to persevere on...

Winners don't do different things, they do things differently - Stephen Covey

Some testimonials

Alvin (A for Physics, 2014, ACJC)

Mr Yeo delivers clear and concise physics concepts that are extremely easy to understand. Being eloquent and humorous, he constantly brightens up the classroom with humor in relation to Physics. As an encouraging and understanding tutor, Mr Yeo never neglects any students in class and constantly pushes us to do our best. Being a student of Mr Yeo allowed my H2 Physics grades to make a remarkable jump from a grade E(28th percentile) during my school preliminary examinations to a grade A during the actual 'A' level examinations. This is only possible due to Mr Yeo's infectious passion and love for Physics, making me love the subject which in turn allowed me to enjoy studying it. Being a student of Mr Yeo has been a blessing to me. For without it, I would not have been able to understand the many difficult concepts in Physics, much less enjoy it.

Xin Yee (A for Physics, 2014, CJC)

At the start of my journey in JC, I found it hard to understand the concepts in Physics and I struggled with it in term 1 of my first year. However, after I joined Mr Yeo’s class, I then started to understand how Physics works and was better able to link the concepts together. 

Not only are his notes clear and comprehensive, he also makes the lessons interesting and goes straight to what we are required to understand in our syllabus. He would show videos at times which I found it to be very useful and would enable us to visualise better. After attending Mr Yeo’s lessons, I always find topics which were previously very confusing to be actually easy to understand. He does not just teach the concepts, he also explain how they come about which I think is very essential in the study of physics.

Furthermore, Mr Yeo is also a very dedicated teacher who is always willing to go the extra mile just to make sure that his students understand what he said. He does not hesitate to offer his help even after class when we have questions to clarify.

To me, Mr Yeo is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever known. I am truly grateful for his patience and guidance throughout my journey in JC. I enjoyed and learnt a lot from his lessons and I believe that everyone in his class will also benefit from his teaching.

Jonathon Phua (straight As, 2013, HCI)

Mr Yeo is one of the best teachers I have known. He is a very dedicated and experienced teacher, who often stays behind after class to explain the tough physics concepts to me. Before joining Mr Yeo’s class, I was very confused with the complex concepts and ideas behind those topics taught in H2 Physics. Mr Yeo is able to break down these complicated concepts and explain them in a simplified manner which makes learning Physics much easier and less arduous.
Mr Yeo is a dedicated teacher who does not hesitate to stay behind after every lesson to explain the Physics concepts behind every equation and Physics law. As a slow learner, I really appreciate his help and dedication. He takes great care to answer each and every of our doubts in detail, and does not mind explaining certain concepts over and over again until we understood everything.
I found his summarized notes extremely helpful, with all the essential concepts, equations and definitions neatly presented in bite-sized pieces which is much easier to digest. They come in handy before major tests and examinations where time is of the essence, making my learning journey much more enjoyable.

My Physics journey is akin to a marathon, and Mr Yeo served as a great coach, helping me up when I fall, cheering me on when I needed them most, and assisting me to overcome any hurdles that I faced. I am really thankful to have him as my Physics tutor, who is an exceptional teacher and an excellent mentor.

Lee Ying Ting (A for Physics, 2013, HCI)

Mr Daniel Yeo is an extremely committed teacher who has great passion for Physics. He is a teacher who is able to related well to his students, therefore allowing me to feel at ease to ask questions, no matter how simple they were. His lessons are well planned and engaging, and he is able to help students who learn at a slower pace too.

Before attending Mr Yeo's lesson I studied Physics by memorizing formulas and by doing many practices. However, he taught me the importance of understanding the concepts and learning to apply them to different questions. His teaching has helped me improve tremendously from struggling to pass in school to an 'A' at A-level.

I am fortunate to have had Mr Yeo as my tutor and he is very encouraging and inspires us to do something we truly enjoy in future. Thank you, Mr Yeo!

Jonathon Yee (A for Physics, 2013, RVHS)

Experience is the best teacher and Mr Yeo has the experience! Mr Yeo is a teacher proficient in his teaching pedagogy. He is able to cater to the needs of different students as well as to engage the whole class. The notes he prepares are concise, clear, and consists of relevant diagrams to aid our understanding. His meticulous and patient personality ensures that even the smallest details are not short-changed. He takes the effort to make sure the concept is understood well by everyone.  Mr Yeo includes relevant examples and information within (and outside of the syllabus) to provide us an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Eyu Yanwen (Straight As, 2012, DHS)

Mr Daniel Yeo is a dedicated teacher, always there for his students. His passion for Physics is what inspires me to strive hard and do my best for the subject. He is very approachable and caring, making my physics journey an enjoyable experience. I am lucky to have had Mr Yeo as my tutor and he’s definitely the one I would recommend to my peers! 

Before I attended Mr Yeo’s lessons, I faced difficulties understanding physics concepts and applying them to novel situations. It was concise notes and challenging questions carefully handpicked and prepared by Mr Yeo that helped me tremendously in achieving my ‘A’ for A level Physics. 

He is truly a great teacher who stresses that grades while important, are not everything in life. He encourages us to pursue our passion and shares with us his life stories which are indeed inspiring. He is not merely a teacher in class, but also a life mentor. Thank you Mr Yeo!

Jessica Goh (Straight As, 2012, DHS)

I joined Mr Yeo’s physics class just 3 months before the A Levels. Back then, I had many misconceptions and loopholes in my knowledge, which made studying physics tough. However, his comprehensive revision notes provided me with a concise summary of the main learning points for each topic. In addition, the practice questions that he conscientiously compiled gave me lots of exposure to different question contexts and tested whether my fundamentals were grounded.
I vividly remembered one of his lessons in which I struggled with a difficult question and soon become frustrated. Mr Yeo did not rush into explaining the answer straight away, but instead advised me to understand and appreciate the physics concepts behind the question before systematically taking me through the thought process to arrive at the answer. Since then, carrying this mentality has aided me in staying calm when faced with atypical questions during the prelims and A Levels. I was then able to analyse the information given in the question and think of relevant physics concepts to craft my answers. Notwithstanding that, Mr Yeo was able to demonstrate the occasional diagrams and experimental equipment in physics questions which greatly enhanced my visualisation of physical processes.
Within a short span of time, I improved significantly from my mediocre grades to eventually an A in the A Levels.
Mr Yeo’s passion for physics and dedication to teaching is indeed infectious, and I am really grateful to have him as my tutor! 

Lee Jun Tang (Physics A, 2012, VJC)
Mr Yeo is definitely one of the best teachers I have known. He is a very experienced and approachable teacher. He prepares his own notes for all his chapters which are exam-oriented, and are more comprehensive than the lecture notes in school. He is always able to explain the concepts thoroughly and is always ready to clear our doubts. He is also humorous in his lessons, making his teaching lively and interesting. Grasping the concepts was much easier through Mr Yeo's help, as he could explain them in a simple way, with illustrations using real life examples.

Most importantly, he has many short cuts that are extremely useful to apply during examinations.

Mr Yeo is indeed a tutor whom I highly recommend.

Eric Fok (Straight As, 2011, RVHS) 
I joined Mr Yeo's revision class about 6 months before the A level examinations, his lessons revolve mainly around practice questions, which are very helpful. In addition, he encourages us to share our misconceptions and weaknesses with the class before clarifying them, this allowed me to learn what mistakes people tend to make and learn from them as well.

Mr Yeo made physics very interesting as he always linked concepts to real world applications which are not seen in school notes. More importantly, like all good teachers, Mr Yeo has a great passion for physics, which influenced me to like it as well. The lesson pace is also very suited for all students as he would help the weaker students and push the stronger ones to improve further. His commitment to teach also shows when he stays back after each lesson to listen to our questions.

He definitely helped me in this subject by imparting both his knowledge and passion for physics to me. Thank you Mr Yeo!

Shane Leung (Straight As, NJC 2011) 

Truth be told, I find it hard to exactly describe what I feel about him, and who he is.

When I first met him, I was very impressed with the way he portrayed himself. It felt more like the definition of a 'True Teacher' I rarely saw in my school life. He was very sharing, kind, understanding, but most of all engaging. As time went by until we had to part ways, I only felt my time spent with him enriching….He will ensure that you do understand what he is teaching. He will ask you to clarify your understanding, and ask for you to even pose tough questions to him for your learning that both of you can work together to success. However, what is more amazing is his character and personality, which only fuels my respect for him further. His passion for teaching truly has led him to being a private tutor, as he has given up a great many things to pursue his desire to teach physics (please, if you do wish to ask him about his life story, proceed at your own discretion, but I will not elaborate on what details surround his life). His engagement with me has been fruitful as he imparts nuggets of wisdom, to both life and studies (namely physics), such as maintaining consistency and placing great effort.

He is also very easygoing, lighthearted, and humorous. Furthermore, I know he will not say this of himself, but I say he is a very humble, kind and caring man.

Through my two years with Mr Yeo, I was very happy to be working with him. He provided excellent material and made sure that what he taught could be assimilated into my brain, and even went further so as to encourage me and my fellow peers in class. Throughout my entire two years of working with Mr Yeo, I can say with conviction that I have enjoyed every step of it; from when I felt down in physics, to when I felt great about my scores.

Sheryl Ho (2009, RJC)
Straight A's

I was taught by Mr Yeo for only 2 months just before my A level examinations, but I daresay that he has managed to change my perception of physics in this short span of time. Initially, Physics was one of the toughest subjects that I had to grapple with, and I was quite disheartened as my A level examinations were approaching. However, Mr Yeo never failed to clarify my doubts and he would often further question me on certain concepts to ensure that I had a solid foundation. Sufficient worksheets were provided every lesson, and these practices were very helpful as they were often timed and there was a combination of both easy and challenging questions. I began to enjoy Physics and I became confident of getting an A for Physics.

Mr Yeo is a very dedicated teacher and I will remember him as the tutor who went the extra mile to clarify my doubts over the phone just the day before my physics exam, and he would even send me extra worksheets for practice whenever I requested. Mr Yeo is a very experienced and interesting tutor, and I am certain that other students will benefit greatly from his lessons too!

Varunna (2009, VJC)Straight 'A's

Mr Daniel Yeo is a caring and approachable teacher who is very passionate about physics. He is willing to stay back after classes to clarify anything we may not understand and his love for the subject is contagious as I find myself appreciating the subject more and more which allows me to excel in the subject even further.
Mr Yeo is able to clearly explain concepts which seem difficult. However, with his simplified explanations, it is better understood by fellow students and I. His immense experience also gives him an edge as a better teacher as he is able to answer all sorts of questions that span across the entire syllabus.
Learning materials given by Mr Yeo are also very comprehensive and include a large variety of questions. They include both specific questions and integrated questions across various topics which allows us to be much better prepared for our examinations.

Kristle (2009, NYJC)Physics - 'A'
Despite being under his guidance for less than a year, Mr. Yeo has definitely left his mark on me by proving himself to be a passionate, genuine and warm teacher. He is one who truly cares about his students and is undoubtedly absolutely fervent about Physics, judging by the way he never ceases to marvel at the subject.

Being one who was initially rather discouraged by the subject, Mr. Yeo’s continuous encouragement and consistently clear explanation opened up the door to a whole new realm of learning for me and has helped me not look upon studying Physics as a chore, but as a means of better understanding this amazing world we live in. He channels his zeal and zest for the subject into his teaching and it has rubbed off onto me, and I am certain, onto many of his students as well.

A teacher to me is one who inspires and encourages his students to consistently question and to pursue new knowledge. Mr. Yeo is the perfect embodiment of a teacher and from the scores of tutors that I have had throughout my entire learning life, he sits right at the top and is someone whom I will always remember for the rest of my life. He has left an indelible mark in my learning life and has earned my admiration for his commitment and dedication for everything he has done.

To teach is to touch lives forever. You have touched mine, Mr. Yeo, and I hope you continue touching the lives of many others.

Leong Pei Yi (2008 HCI)
Straight A's
(Environmental Engineering, NUS)
Mr Yeo is a dedicated and inspiring tutor with an avid passion in teaching. Lessons with him are not just sessions after sessions of intense preparation for the A levels, but also wonderful learning journeys where I grew to have an appreciation for Physics. Initially, I was disheartened as I did poorly in Physics and wanted to give up. However, Mr Yeo encouraged me to ask questions and clarify my concepts. This rekindled my enthusiasm for Physics and I became a more motivated learner.

Under Mr Yeo’s guidance, I could not only see the improvement in my Physics grades, but in other subjects as well, as I learnt to treat them with the same positive attitude. Besides helping his students to excel academically, Mr Yeo also inspires them to find their direction in life. He is truly a great teacher.
And once again thank you for having been such a great Physics tutor! I could not have gotten the A without you!

Andrew Lee (2004, RJC)
straight A's (Law, NUS)

William Arthur Ward once said: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Mr. Yeo is certainly a great teacher. Not once did he ever give up when I could not grasp some concepts, on the contrary, he would double his efforts to ensure I had all doubts cleared usually at the expense of his own time. Through his teaching I learnt an important life lesson, that is, to succeed in anything, one must grasp the basics firmly, have a solid foundation and from there scale the heights of our potential. Not only did he transform my average physics grade to an A, he inspired me to fulfill my personal potential in physics.

Mr. Yeo is truly a magical teacher, a teacher who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next peak!

Koo Chieh Yang (2003, RJC)
straight A's with distinction in physics 'S' paper
(Medicine, UK)

Mr Yeo played a pivotal role in my A-level examination, helping me to achieve an 'A' for physics and a Distinction in my physics Special Paper. I remembered doing poorly in physics because I was unable to grasp the concepts well, but what Mr. Yeo did for me was to break them down into simple comprehensible components, and ensured that my fundamentals were strong before gradually building on them.
I am sure many will appreciate Mr. Yeo's patience and effectiveness in explaining the difficult physics concepts!

Teo Jia Hui (2007, VJC)
straight A's, distinction in H3 science research
(Materials Science and Engineering, Imperial College of London)

I think to most people, the A-level is probably one of the most trying period in their lives. There are undoubtedly many subjects to cope with, and of course goals (results) to achieve and this was the same for me. I am glad that during that period, I had help from Mr. Yeo, and I know that I made the right choice in his classes.

Mr. Yeo is a dedicated tutor who engages the students during lesson. His clear and detailed style of teaching physics proved to be very effective for me, and made me appreciate physics and subsequently I went on to do well in the A-level examination.

Mr. Yeo is not just another tutor but one who really cares for his students. I remember clearly that he would come half an hour early for lesson so that we could consult him on specific areas that we were unsure about. His lesson not only includes tutoring but also a whole range of supporting notes and papers which was very useful, and Mr. Yeo would make use of these resources to reinforce the teaching.

I have benefited greatly from his lessons and believe that he has the same to offer to other students as well.

Koo Chieh Shen (2004, ACJC)
straight A's
(Dentistry, NUS)

Learning physics under Mr Yeo was a remarkable experience. He taught me how to understand the subject and love it, before eventually moving on to conquer it! With his sheer commitment to the subject, it is with grace that he patiently delivers the most direct of facts in a manner worth learning. Mr. Yeo imbued me the ability to be focused and disciplined in all aspects. His emphasis on a good foundation and his systematic approach of teaching allowed me to rationalize and simplify problem instead of simply reaching for the solution.

Mr. Yeo has a deft touch and a keen eye for the subject, but most importantly it is his care and concern for the student that makes him endearing to me.

Chng Koh Lin Colin (2006, SRJC)
straight A's
(Medicine, Australia)

The style of teaching that Mr. Yeo demonstrates is a unique one indeed. Quite often, he would use demonstrations to generate interest among his students and explain the relevant concepts involved. Many of us look forward to attending his interesting and enriching lessons. In addition, he is always glad to answer any physics questions.

Physics used to be my least favorite subject. However, learning with Mr. Yeo has made me relish this thought provoking subject. It was definitely a blessing to have him as my physics tutor.
Aarti Khemlani (2006, SRJC)'A' for physics
(double degree, NUS)

One of the most memorable lessons I have attended in my life was a physics lesson in which the lecturer, Mr. Yeo, asked for a well-built volunteer to blow a ping pong ball out of a funnel via a tube connected to the funnel's stem. A straightforward task one might presume, yet, try as the volunteer might, the ping pong ball refused to budge. The lecturer topped the performance off by turning funnel upside down, blowing into the tube and watching everyone's jaw drop as the ping pong ball defied both gravity and common sense by sticking to the funnel. Throughout the rest of the lecture the lecturer explained to a riveted audience the logic and physics behind the experiment. He truly showed us how interesting physics of fluids could be!

Mr. Yeo's tutorials were no less engaging and I always left a tutorial session feeling that not only had my doubts been cleared but I also learnt other concepts and ideas which I had never even thought of. He manages to explain extremely complicated theories and views so that they make perfect sense and always makes us think out of the box and apply the textbook knowledge we learn to practical situations and never has a shortage of real life examples to illustrate any topic we are covering. The topic and theme summaries he leads us through at the end of every topic and theme were very useful and served to link all the knowledge we had gained into a usable sequence and also provide a platform from which we could see how all the topics in the theme were related. Additionally, it aided in answering examination questions which tested our understanding of an entire theme and not just surface knowledge of a topic.

Overall I feel I am fortunate to have had a teacher as knowledgeable, interesting and likable as Mr. Yeo.

Shamiah (1998, SRJC)'A' for physics (Civil Engineering, NUS)
A teacher whom you can call a tutor, mentor, friend as well as a big brother is what I would describe my former junior college tutor, Mr. Yeo. I would not be where I am today if not because of him. His systematic approach in teaching physics has made me fall in love with the subject and encouraged me to pursue my interest in civil engineering. His great emphasis on building up foundations has made me realize the importance in knowing the fundamentals as it is the answer to all questions. This has indirectly influenced the way I lead my life as I realize that there is no shortcuts in reaching the top.
His approachable and easy going nature has also made him a person whom students can turn to when they need extra help in their studies. His advice, moral support and guidance is really helpful to students who feel lost or demoralized. The extra effort he puts in coaching his students outside curriculum times showed to me his dedication as a teacher. His encouragement and advice has made me realize my full potential and made me feel more confident of myself.
Besides being a great tutor, I am happy to be given a chance to be his colleague while working as a relief tutor. His openness in sharing his work experience and knowledge has been very useful to me when I was teaching my students. He not only praised me for my good points but also emphasize on my weak points so that I can further improve myself.
I am really grateful to him as he made me what I am today.


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